How to unblock a sender in Hotmail or Outlook?

  • Ever wondered for not getting mails from a particular person? Thought for the reason behind it? No, then you must know that this is done because that particular email id has been blocked in your outlook account. It can be very annoying, if you need certain mail urgently and you are not able to get the mail as the email id has been blocked. This issue happens with many people but following few simple steps, it can be handled easily.

    How to unblock a sender in Outlook

    • Open Outlook and go to “Actions” on the top.
    • Click on “Junk E-mail” and go to “Junk E-mail Options”. Junk Email Protection must be low.
    • Now select “Block Senders” tab. There will be a list of e-mail addresses.
    • Look for the e-mail address of the sender you want to unblock.
    • Select the e-mail address and click “Remove” button to unblock the sender.
    • Click “OK” and then click “Apply”. This will unblock the sender with the selected email id.

    Hotmail Technical Support

    Many times a sender gets blocked in your account and mail sent from that person doesn’t reach to your inbox. So help may be asked to unblock the sender. Additionally hotmail support is allowed for forgotten password, blocked account and any other hotmail related issues. So users can contact on Hotmail Customer Support for quick resolution of the hotmail issues.