How to setup and connect HP printer from iPad ?

  • Many a times the users of cloud devices such as ipad and apple phones etc face problems while trying to print their documents through that device. It gets a little trickier because many users are not accustomed to using cloud devices. Don’t worry this article tells you everything that you may need to know regarding how to setup and connect HP printer from an iPad as suggested by HP Printer customer service.

    You will have to use Apple AirPrint. It is an app built in IOS to support printing process through an apple device. There are other apps too which can be used such as Printer pro, printer bureau but AirPrint is the most reliable one.

    Steps to set up and connect HP printer from an ipad

    • You will require an AirPrint enabled printer of HP

    • Turn your printer on and connect it to a Wi-fi

    • Now choose whatever you want to print in an email, Safari, Notes, Photos or from any of the other applications that have the arrow sharing icon towards the bottom left side.

    • Tap on that arrow and choose to print

    • You will be redirected to a page with printer options

    • The first time you will go to print will have to choose the printer you want to print from.

    • Select your printer, select the number of copies and print the desired thing.

    For further queries and doubts resolution contact HP Printer customer support team.