Having technical faults while updating AVG antivirus without in

  • Having technical faults while updating AVG antivirus without internet? A valid tips is over here:

    AVG antivirus is one of the best security service that is available for all kind of the users across the world who are using various devices like: Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet, PC and more. AVG secures all over the devices from unnecessary virus and malware software that damages all over the data instantly.


    At times AVG failed to work fine over the system and get unsuccessful to remove virus at this user should update this antivirus by using internet explorer but in case internet is not working fine then even it possible to to update it with the help of offline rule.

    Lets perform the steps to update AVG antivirus without internet connection:

    • Start AVG software and click to open AVG user interface file and click to save on any drive.

    • Click to the AVG antivirus software and go to the option and check system data.

    • Click on my computer and make new folder of AVG update.

    • Go back to the desktop and copy interface file of antivirus and past it to the AVG update folder.

    • Now go to the software and select C drive to choose AVG update folder name and click to OK button.

    • This way antivirus will start to update in a jiffy finally.


    Having updated AVG will start performing. But accidentally in case face any technical issue then instead of getting worried or panic immediately contact AVG antivirus technical support team and fix out all over the bugs in no time.

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