How to make firefox default browser on macbook?

  • Browsers are the only interface that enables users to search required information on internet. There are number of browsers available in the market such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and others. But no one compatible with Mozilla Firefox. It has the most secure and easy interface for surfing. But sometimes users face technical issues while using that.

    Common Mozilla Firefox Issues

    Majority of internet users face technical problems occasionally while using Firefox. The most common errors experienced by users are as follows:

    1. Mozilla Firefox download and installation problems
    2. Browser update errors
    3. Cache and cookies issues in Mozilla Firefox
    4. Web page crashes automatically and others.

    If you are one of Mozilla Firefox users are experiencing technical issues as discussed above then contact to Mozilla Firefox Tech Support team. The tech support experts will get back to you with the most appropriate solution as quickly as possible.

     Setup Mozilla Firefox as Default Browser on Mac

    Most of the internet users access Mozilla Firefox as their default browser. But they don’t know how to setup it as default browser. Here, we are suggesting you quick steps to setup Mozilla Firefox as default browser. Follow below given steps:

    1. Tap MenuàSystem Preferences option
    2. Tap on General option
    3. Tap Default Web Browser field
    4. Select your preferred browser’s name
    5. Tap Exit on System Preference Menu

    After following the above given steps users can successfully setup Mozilla Firefox as default browser. If having any issues contact to Mozilla Firefox Technical Support team.