Hong Xiuquan the cause of the fans

  • On April 27, three years of the Tongzhi reign (1864.6.1), at a time when the capital of the Taiping Heavenly Capital (now Nanjing) was under siege by the Qing troops, Hong Xiuquan, the leader of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, died in the palace of Heavenly King, Fifty-one years old. Historians have different opinions about their cause of death.

        Before the sixties of this century, most people believed that Hong Xiuquan committed suicide. Li Xiucheng was the main general of the post-Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. When Hong Xiuquan died, he presided over the Tianjing Battle of Heaven in Tianjing, and he had a clearer understanding of the Heavenly King. In Tseng Kuo-fan's "Li Xiu-cheng's Biographies", he made a statement about the death of Hong Xiu-quan: "Uranus (Hong Xiu-quan) became an anxious and anxious day by day to be poisoned and died on April 27." One of the people After he was captured by the Qing army, he wrote "Hong Renzao" and in the latter half said: "The suicide of the king made the whole world even more chaotic." The rival of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, leader of the Hunan army, Zeng Guofan, on June 23 of the same year (7.26), said: "The first anti-Hongxiu event was actually poisoned and died in May this year during May when the officers and men stormed." In the same year on July 7, Road State Huang female, that hand buried against the corpse also, the courtiers and Canadian intelligence asked, according to, Hong Xiuquan before his death, after years of no bureaucrats, April 27 because of an urgent attack by the government, serving poison dead, the secret is not funeral. The city thieves, officers and men outside the city, publicity has been over, announced the beginning of more than ten days. "According to the above information, most historians that Hong Xiuquan" poison suicide. " Guo Ting said that the death of Hong Xiuquan, "to drink poison for the near truth"; Jane again in the "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom," pointed out that Hong Xiuquan committed suicide is "fact"; Luo Er Gang "Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" based on "Li Xiucheng readme" content that Hong Xiuquan April 19 (calendar, 1864.6.1) died of poison. However, scholars at the time said to Hong Xiuquan that there was a certain degree of suspicion.

        The early 1960s, possession of more than a hundred years in Zeng Guofan's hometown, "Xiang Xiang had eight houses, Li Xiucheng pro-manuscripts," an official photocopying issue, which clearly states that Hong Xiuquan died of illness: "At this time about March will tail, four The beginning of the month when the moon, Sri Lanka, when I was in the East Gate City, Emperor Osamu was very sick, April 21 (calendar) and therefore "the person's disease, , Is not good or not taking medicine also died on April 21. ... ... King's disease, due to food poisoning dew illness, but also refused to eat medicine, so die also. "Some scholars pointed out that this account When it is reliable, since Zeng Guofan published a commentary on Li Xiucheng, it was tampered with by Zeng Guofan. Zhaogong avant-garde aide ZHAO Lie-wen said in his article entitled "Diocese of Diocese" on July 7 in the July 7th: "Zhongtang (referring to Zeng Guofan) asked Li Xiu for his surrender, and his advice was given to the military organ at the beginning of the evening." Tseng Kuo-fan presented Li Xiucheng with a military plane At the time, he said: "Li Xiucheng's confessions, literary theory are not very applicable, and the facts are correct. Only the bills are sent to the military machine division for further examination." Thus, Li Xiucheng presented by Zeng Guofan was "reformed" of. Since he talked about Hong Xiuquan's suicide in the two previous drafts, it is reasonable for him to "redirect" the death of Hong Xiuquan to suicide in his statement. In the second half of "Hong Ren 玕 Read Me", Hong Xiu said that he committed suicide because he wanted to be Hong Ren 因 because the latter part was translated by an outsider and the manuscript was lost. It is highly probable that outsiders will be affected by the translation of "Li Xiucheng's Biographies" in translation. It is worth noting that the first half of "Hong Ren 玕 Read Me" was originally from the original manuscript of Hong Jen 玕. Among them, "April 19 this year (day calendar), my God the Redeemer's disease ascended to the sky." This should be more credible. In the "memoir", the youngest kings, Hong Fu-chui, said: "On April 19 this year, the kings of heaven died of illness. On the 24th (the calendar of days), all the officials helped me to ascend to the top." May 6th Article: "The Inferno Report alleges that the reverse first Hong Xiuquan died on the 8th of April (April 20)." Since the release of "Li Zicheng's Affidavits," most Academics are convinced that Hong Xiuquan is dead.