Cookies in the sugar

  • Cookies in the sugar and fat than other types of biscuits. A small piece of cookie is often the heat more than a glass of strawberry juice! Crisp cookie choice of raw materials is "low gluten meal", that is, less protein wheat flour, this biscuit is not as good as bread protein.

    No3: wafer cookie

    High heat, low structural density, eat more difficult to detect

    The difference is that with other biscuits, wafer is based on rice flour (glutinous rice flour), starch as the main raw material, nutrition slightly higher than refined flour. But wafers in the butter fat content is very high, with an average of 60 calories each, and low density, enough to eat, so eat more is not easy to detect. In fact, the heat of the three chocolate wafer has more than 200 calories.

    No4: Sandwich biscuits

    "Heart" is additive synthesis, there is no fruit raw materials

    Sandwich biscuits are sandwich baked goods with various kinds of sandwiching materials mainly containing sugar, fat or jam between two biscuits. Sandwich biscuits in the "heart" for the pursuit of taste and color will use additives, usually flavors and colors, rarely really add any fruit raw materials, such as orange flavor sandwich biscuits, not to add oranges, but blended into an additive, although the additive is not Certainly harmful, but will not bring nutrition, may not be as good as simple biscuits.

    So no matter how delicious cookies are only snacks, and most of the cookies are very dry, it is easy to appear after eating "hot" (lit) acicular. Therefore, in normal life, all kinds of sandwich biscuits can only point to date.

    The biscuits described above, we eat every day, but they are not rich in nutrients, if you eat often, but also may cause harm to health. Therefore, the cookie is not a bad thing, but it is not a good thing, we should eat less as well. If you love to eat cookies, then for health sake, try homemade home, so eating will be more secure.