Yaotouhuangnao refused to do the office of "wood"

  • My niece works as a news editor on a website. Some time ago, their editorial department worked overtime to do special news, and stayed up four nights.

    Finally, the task was completed, but her head could not be lifted, and found that she became a "wood man", neck like lead, stiff, rigid, some simple twist can not do. She went to the hospital to do X examination, found that the cervical vertebra appeared physiological curve change, originally is suffering from white-collar family common cervical spondylosis.

    The doctor let her do iontophoresis treatment, the whole course of treatment will cost thousands of dollars, she too expensive, hesitated for a moment, call me.

    I understand the situation, the phone told her: "like you cervical spondylosis does not need to spend so much money, I teach you a method of exercise, do not take medicine, still good, very soon."."

    Cervical spondylosis exercise method: the method is very simple, that is, after work, relax the tight body. The specific method is to sit on the chair at the apex, straighten the back, try to stretch the neck, lower the mandible, relax the arms and droop, and shoulder back slightly. Hand refers to the ten cross arms straight, palms forward, we must try to stretch forward until the neck muscles are stretched so far, this action to keep 5 seconds to relax arms, back.

    Then, the head slowly to the left, to the left shoulder as close as possible to the left ear, so that the right side of the neck and shoulder muscles are tense up, while the right arm to keep the spine straight down, at the same time, take a deep breath, then exhale slowly, slowly to the right, do the same action, so repeatedly turn four times.

    Then, from the preparatory, the head to the left turn, look as far as possible to the back of the body, but the body can not rotate, hold for 5 seconds, and finally reply to the original position. Then, the head turns to the right, opposite to the left turn, and the action is the same.

    Like we usually read books, the operation is very simple. I asked my niece to rest for fifteen minutes every two hours to do the exercise. Two weeks later, she called to tell me that the neck is able to rotate freely, for this "zhikua yaotouhuangnao" is really amazing, for she saved a lot of time and money.

    Before the cervical spondylosis is known as "elderly disease", did not expect now has become a family of occupational diseases. But it's not strange to think about it. Modern people are more and more inseparable from electronic products. I sometimes take the bus and find that the young people in the car are almost playing with their mobile phones. Our cervical physiological curvature is not immutable and frozen, when people work long bow, sleep, cervical physiological curvature changes will occur, leading to cervical ligament injury. Therefore, the IT workers, secretaries and other common computer workers are the main sick crowd of cervical spondylosis. When the cervical vertebra is attacked, the neck is like a chain that is jammed, and it can not move. It is inconvenient to sleep, drink water and eat. It is very uncomfortable. So, I often say to young people, more than the usual working activity of cervical spine is very important for the health of individuals, no matter how busy work, each sitting in front of the computer 30 to 40 minutes the best stand up "yaotouhuangnao", stretching his arms twisted waist, neck and shoulder relaxation, systemic blood circulation is smooth the