When skin is not old, good basic maintenance is the most import

  • Beauty skincare experts believe that the skin of a woman's skin changes with age.Therefore, women's skin care needs to be developed according to the age group.For a 20-year-old woman, a 30-year-old woman needs to use her 30 year-old skin care regimen.A detailed explanation is given below.

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    20 years young MM

    The 20 years old is the most tender skin, while the skin is not old, good basic maintenance is the most important, this time does not need too much essence, facial mask.

    TIP1 will use different functions in the morning and evening

    Use UV protection against UV protection during the day.At night the skin will enter the repair stage automatically, so it may choose to have whitening, moisturizing, repair and other functions of lotion.

    Please don't exceed 3 minutes for TIP2 remover

    When removing makeup, proper massage can help deep cleaning, but please don't exceed 3 minutes for massage, otherwise it will bring harm to the skin.