Steamed dumplings learn to do it quickly

  • Steamed dumplings, learn to do it quickly

    Steamed dumpling is one of the traditional Chinese food that is indispensable every year. Dumplings are traditionally a traditional snack filled with pig beef and mutton and vegetables. But now not only chicken, duck, fish, egg, seafood, mountain, fresh vegetables, dried vegetables, fruits can be used as filling. But all good and nutritious materials can be filled. Today we are going to introduce some steamed dumplings.

    One, the notice of steamed dumplings

    1. Eat less meat and more vegetables: people are accustomed to putting more fat in the filling, and the fat is high in fat, and it tastes good. But we use fat to make the filling, when filling the filling time to add some vegetable oil flavor, the fat content of jiaozi must exceed standard, cholesterol content exceeds bid. It's best to use nine lean cuts of lean meat to make the filling, and you can also opt for lower-cholesterol fish and shrimp instead of meat. Meat is best made up of a quarter of the filling, and three quarters of the vegetables can be nutritionally balanced.

    2, vegetables don't squeeze water: vegetable moisture content is higher, it is not easy to package, before every time we make dumplings will squeeze out the moisture in various ways, but this method is wrong, crowded water some water-soluble vitamins and minerals will along with the water distribution part lost, especially water soluble vitamins. But vegetables do not squeeze water to be high, we can also match point rich in dietary fiber and mineral algae food, such as mushroom, fungus, silver ear, kelp, skirt belt and other algae. Not only does it improve the texture of the filling, it's more varied, it can also help reduce the amount of cholesterol and fat absorbed.

    3, cooking method: generally more vegetables and little meat dumplings, easy to spread, cook to eat nutrition loss is bigger, taste is bad, can consider the method of water frying, steaming, meat more stuffed food is suitable for the method used to cook. Try to avoid frying, frying and other cooking methods to avoid extra fat intake.

    2. Style of steamed dumplings:

    Health benefits:

    Pork: kidney, nourishing Yin, beneficial qi

    Celery: besides vexed, flat liver, clear heat

    Duck eggs: clear heat, improve blood circulation, promote growth and development

    Ingredients: 2 catty pork, 1 piece of celery, 7 yuan of dumpling, 1 duck eggs, a little oil, 5 small spoons of salt, a little wine, a little oil

    1. Wash the celery and wrest the water

    2. Cut the celery into the end of the celery and try to cut the celery

    3. Add the minced pork and celery in a pot. Add salt, alcohol, oil, cooking oil and duck eggs

    4. The meat is filled out, the wrappers are ready and ready for a bowl of water

    5. Take a small amount of meat filling in the dumpling skin, 4 laps of water and then fold in half, and glue tightly in the middle

    6. Fold the skin of one side of the dumpling onto the other side and glue it to the other side

    7. Steam for 15 minutes, and after steaming, a little bit of transparency and vinegar

    Iii. The practice of pork steamed dumplings:

    Health effects: soy sauce: boost, blood, and teeth

    Ingredients: 400g flour, 400g pork, 1 onion, 2 TBSP of oil, 1 spoonful of salt, 2 spoonful of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of sesame oil,

    1. The pork is washed and cut into small pieces and put into a minced meat (you can see the special delicacy of meat).

    2. Peel and steam the pumpkin. The same food machine will be puree, the amaranth will be washed repeatedly until the water turns red, and the spinach juice will be used for reserve

    3, add spinach juice and flour dough into green, add the amaranth juice and flour into the dough, pink add pumpkin puree and yellow flour dough, add water and flour dough into white, all the dough and let stand 20 minutes. Set aside

    4. Stir in the scallions, soy sauce, salt and sesame oil and mix well

    5, to knead the dough slits, divided into uniform small, press the dough into loaves of bread, in a small dough 搟 piece

    6. Fold the dough into the filling, fold it up, fold it up, and put the filling in

    7. Squeeze the middle part of the head skin, leaving two eyes and two peanuts. Fold the folded wings up and the end of the tail to make the pattern

    8. Use chopsticks to gently clip between the wings and the head and not too hard to avoid clipped.

    Steam the hot water for 20 minutes, and the delicious and lovely steamed dumplings will have it.

    4. The practice of crystal steamed dumplings:

    Food ingredient: potato starch 350 grams, green peppers, carrots, half root, egg, ham moderate, black fungus, a onion, some ginger, fuel consumption at the end of the fresh one scoop a spoonful, taste very, chicken powder, some salt, 13 xiang, a moderate amount of oil

    1. Prepare the materials.

    2. Add boiling water to the potato starch and stir it into a flocculate with chopsticks. Cool it slightly and knead it into soft dough. Xing cover with a clean wet cloth for a while. (I have another piece of red dough, this red dumpling didn't take a picture)

    Preparation and filling. Put the green peppers, carrots, ham, and fungus in the bowl, add the scrambled eggs, the end of spring onion, the ginger, the oil, the 13 fragrant, the very fresh, the chicken powder, the salt, the oil to mix the filling.

    4, put the dough points and good uniformity of small pieces of dough, 搟 into the wrappers, into the stuffing, molded into the shape of the dumpling in the picture below.

    5. Steam in the pan. Heat the water on the switch for 4-- 5 minutes.

    Conclusion: the above is the practice of some dumplings and matters needing attention, the need to remind everyone here is some people in order to facilitate buy supermarket of quick-frozen dumplings, eat dumplings so could in fact nutrition is not so high, so if you want to eat dumplings, oneself buy materials back pack, so that more conducive to the body's nutritional balance.