How To Make Occupiers Liability Claim

  • Injuries are the normal part of people’s life and usually happen due to some hazards. The injury occurs to the person at any place in the world, it might be the workplace environment or at home. By occupier, it means the owner of the place. If the person gets injured due to some negligence then its claim must be dealing with the injury solicitor especially if the case is linked with occupier's liability.


    According to the government rules and regulations and the act of occupier's liability states that it is the responsibility of the owner to provide the appropriate atmosphere. If there is an injury happened to the person then it must be the liability of the occupier. This is the liability of the occupier to look for the property setup and removes the hazard. If anyone visits his property and become injured then it must be the liability of the occupier. The injured one can easily make his compensation claim against the occupier but only if he/she was injured due to occupier fault and they have to provide the evidence and negligence of the occupier.


    It is the prior responsibility of the occupier to make sure there is no serious hazard place at the yard or any place that causes injuries to the people. If there is any hazard on the way then the occupier make sure to acknowledge the visitor to avoid the injury. The occupier has to consider the safety parameters before inviting the people at his property structure whether it is public or private. When we speak about the occupier then there are so many words such as the shop owner, public or private property, and restaurant owner.


    There are plenty of things that cause severe injuries to the visitors and other public from the property and some of the common accidents are given below. For instance, there is woody place and rain is falling then it might wet the place and if an injury happens to the person then it must consider the liability of the occupier. If there is no proper lighting near to your building then it will also lead to the accident as one remains unable to view the place in the dark. If any child gets injured in the park and there is any hazard place on the ground and becomes the reason of slip accident then these all are the liabilities of the occupier.


    Making a claim with the solicitor


    The liability compensation claim can easily be handled with the help of personal injury solicitor Burnley as they have years of experience dealing with several cases. Whenever an accident happens to you, make sure to get proper medical treatment and save all the medical receipts you suffered. You have to engage injury solicitor with your case to get enough compensation that meets your expenses.