As the rain is in the air, the shadow speaks to you

  • I am your shadow, from the day you were born, I have been with you, never abandon. In this world, there should be no one who is closer to you, knows you better, understands you better, understands you more, knows you better, loves you more, and no one can be more durable than me. Your every move, a smile are all in my eyes, all of your Lin Lin is in my years of the painting shaft left a mark, colored mark.

    I've come to this world, and I've been with you all the time. I am with you, sometimes you may not see me, but I am watching you.

    I know that you are a paradox, you both lively and quiet, you are humorous and cheerful and kind feeling sad, you are afraid of loneliness but enjoy the lonely, are you afraid of loneliness but enjoy the lonely, are you afraid of the dark night and enjoy the night, no matter you are on the way, in the corner, in the intersection, or on the earth, I am willing to follow you quietly, silently guarding you. I bear witness to your laughter and tears, and the silhouette of every front, side, and back of you, wherever and whenever I never leave!

    Once, your ideal is to be a teacher, but destiny but the wrong kind of mistake to let you from medicine. People, come to this world, have a mission, in fact, no matter what work you do, fulfill what mission, this life has been arranged, let you in the world love, sow love, cultivate love.

    A lot of people as far away from you, so you can only be in the text read, read your words, they will automatically draw the outline of your image in mind, but no matter how they think, how to draw the outline of, how to apply tracing, they are not truly and accurately and completely give you picture. Some readers, because your words always to think of you as out-of-touch garment waitresses fairy, only I know, you are always said, do common saying, common road of a world of mortals mortals. Along the way, you have experienced many hardships and setbacks, the dust road, you also stumbled, the ups and downs, you also can't live without the world's feuds.

    Rain down, I admire you, you are indifferent to fame and wealth, has been trying to build her a knot of heaven and earth, and you in writing practice, meditation, you dancing in words softly, at ease. You don't go with the flow, you don't follow the clouds, you have a common body, but you have pure heart, have a transcendental realm and good pursuit. You are friendly to each passing through your side, and cherish everyone who is worthy of your precious. No matter how many storms and frustrations, you can always give yourself a light, warm smile. I know, "life like summer flowers, death like autumn leaves" has always been your desire to belong.

    To heal the wounded and rescue the dying is the responsibility of you, poor action is your desire, life, god has given you a lot of trouble and sorrow, but fate has been deeply care for you, you pay a sincere, genuine and true feelings, at the same time you also got the family love, friendship and love have mercy and love, share the rest of my life, the fate of you don't really thin, you should be a very happy person. Review your life, despite rain, fog haze covered all the hard to avoid, however, you have your spirits and get unexpected help and support, no matter which season, you can encounter warm time, met a bloom.

    You know what? In the rain, you have a lot of inadequacies, you are too emotional, too soft, too inactive. Some people, some things have to be treated rationally, too emotional will be wrong, will also hurt themselves. Softhearted, is your strengths and your weaknesses, sometimes when broken is broken, don't be too hesitant and indecisive, don't always have to, to be passive, or that would really affect you advance footsteps, more can hinder your thoughts and decisions.

    Please pay attention to do some exercise, don't always stay at home, don't always linger in front of the computer, health is the most precious treasure, as a medical student you should understand this principle. With a healthy body, you can have more energy and energy to do what you have to do, do what you love, do what you want to do, don't you? When I see your stomach ache, waist ache, neck pain, I really worry for you, for you anxious. You have always said that you have a spiritual body and a bodhisattva, but you should also learn to love your body, and you must not let yourself go at your own will, ok? You know, you are a very beautiful woman, often stay up late, often do "late sleeping person" that really is beauty, the health of big taboo. I think you're not a silly woman, so you should know what to do with each day of your life and how to bloom the most beautiful on a dusty journey.

    Life, poverty or wealth, living a healthy and happy life is a luxury of happiness.

    Rain together, be a delicate and beautiful woman! Don't waste your body, waste your youth, don't make you look like a beggar all day long, don't trim, spoil yourself. Compared with their peers, you should be a beautiful woman, a good love oneself, to dress up yourself, so you're alive would find more confidence, more joy and happiness, how I wish, you can always be a beautiful delicate and elegant woman, young, beauty dying a bit late, again later.

    With your heart and your pursuit, I think you can never leave words in this life, and you can't put your pen in your hand again. Whether it is sad, is happy, from now on, you will be in text together, I know that you appreciate li bai's free and easy, appreciate the graceful and restrained, li qingzhao appreciate su shi, uninhibited, appreciate the leisureliness of tao yuanming. Although you don't tell people about, but I always know, since you love words, obsession with words, you've been hoping to do a special fireworks woman, do you want to be natural and unrestrained to splash-ink, dance beautiful.

    I will understand you, understand you and support you forever, I am looking forward to you can retain a true temperament, big love, no matter how waft monsoon, you can from the words of a sleeve fragrance, use your tenderness, your love to write QingJian and beautiful human sentiment long time.

    I see, you are a woman who can be low in the dust, since love, don't ask if it is the fate. Rain down, do you want a understand, keep a plain and neat, and good love you love, waiting for you waiting for, no matter how the future, regardless of the outcome, President of the world of love flowers bloom, let love sky bluebird, wild geese come and go, as long as no regrets.

    Said that a person has experienced the suffering will be stronger, people stand up to a certain height horizon will become more open, since you set foot on the journey of literature and then read a lot, well-read, don't like handan toddlers, don't lose yourself, you must adhere to have your own style, to go its own way and sing their own songs, show their own view. I really hope that your literary journey has always had your graceful landing; I really hope you have a great canvas on your life.

    You know what -- rain? Your life is really a bit unusual, you have gone through the loss, the drowning, the car accident and so on, I believe that the undead will have a blessing. You see! Never give up your life, so you must cherish yourself, cherish life, you have been said to live is to meet nice, I believe that as long as you live, as long as you are breathing, you must have a life of many wonderful and surprise waiting for you, you will have a lot of good to meet you, hug you tomorrow.

    In this lifetime, you have a feeling for the south of the Yangtze river, which is your greatest satisfaction. I wish to jiangnan qing shiban no more you feel lonely, I wish you in the hands of oiled paper umbrella hold up is no longer a bitterness and sadness, I wish you could pick up lost your former jiangnan dream, not go out with you the illusion, walk into your life beloved.

    "Inherent my material will be useful, you have been juggling away still city", "no doubt there is no way, one good thing came out of it", so, you must remember do not pride, and when you frustrated when not discouraged, no matter in what situation, you don't let yourself lost in the mood. The word "man" has two strokes: one is forward, one is backward, and I hope you will always be one who can bend and move forward.

    "No man has a thousand days. Life is like a book and rain, even if you can't make every page of your life wonderful, you should be able to make every page of your life have meaning and meaning. I believe that you can have the white water life, have a taste, rich and rich.

    Simple and simple, always a source of happiness. As long as there is sun in the heart, there will never be dark days. As long as there is sunshine in the eye, there will always be a breeze to come and flowers to sway. No matter how others see you, you as long as with a spotless thankful, with "ren you world of mortals rolling, I from the wind month lang" easy free and easy, walk yourself at the foot of the road, it is enough.

    It's raining, I really love you! You can say that I love you more than your loved one. You will always have me to listen quietly, your side will always have me close together, your cold warm not only you know, but also I understand. This is the year of the year, in the south of the Yangtze river, in the rain of the rain, you have your clothes, and I have the exclusive whisper to you.

    Come on - rain together! Only you, my world, I would be your life the most beautiful together, I'll take your skirt, quietly accompany you, you shoot a railing times, you see water out, and you walk through together time the moon spring flowers, through the time of the season after season. I hope you can do the best and best of yourself, regardless of whether you are cheering for you or not.

    This life is red dust, wish you, always is the light of the dust like the lotus woman, quiet and quiet, in a leisurely way, blossom is a poem, flowers fall is love. Red dust stranger, may you always smile bloom, silent joy.