Facts That Suggest Your Business Needs a New Website

  • In these years of providing services in site creation, it is usual to face a question: When do I know that my company should, in fact, have a new website? Some customers and partners are left with this doubt because they are often bombarded by professionals who suggest that they change their site at all costs, even when it has just opened a new site.

    It is important to know that if your website has not been updated for years, for example, you did it 10 years ago and since then it never updated, in these cases it is very important that you make this change. This is because it probably does not follow the necessary adaptations to attract your public today.

    You wish to provide a better experience for your customer

    You visit the website of other markets or even competitors and realize that the technologies available there promote a better experience for you that is accessing this site. What are the main differentials that you feel are missing from your site?

    • Is it a modern layout, clean and easy to understand?
    • Are their features and structuring easier and tell the visitor what to do and how to do it?
    • Are there buttons and easily accessible forms?

    In this way it is essential that your audience has a great experience on your site, with the information well arranged, more modern layout and well distributed, with good features, direct, among other things. There are hardly any developers or designers who does not do research on the products or services through the phone and tablets. This audience is steadily increasing and if your site is not responsive to the public being able to access it through these devices, you must create a new website.

    Your site needs to be linked to your marketing objective

    You and your marketing team promote a change and new strategies for the company to reach new customers and increase their sales and service potential, but your company website does not and does not expose this change, so your company need a new website. What good is a website that does not fit any purpose of your company, especially in relation to marketing objectives?
    Analyze your website, does it live up to what your company proposes? No professional needs to tell you if your site needs to be improved and modernized, a good administrator knows when your site needs to change.

    You want to conquer more clients

    An old site without a great layout, will hardly pass a professionalism, seriousness and security to your client and this consequent will decrease your chances of selling, be it a product or services. If the aim of the site is to attract new customers and keep current, it is important that you update, bring the news, improvements and consequently win customers, especially if the new site is close to what your audience expects and needs.

    Your website lost positioning on Google

    If the positioning of your site has dropped a lot, this is one of the evidence that your company needs a new site. Google is one of those interested in promoting a great experience for people searching for answers through your search engine. Google will give priority to sites that are appropriate to their practices with responsive layouts, features that make the site lighter, faster to load, more dynamic, more intuitive to their users, and more.

    By acquiring a website with the new technologies, the opportunity of your site to gain new positions and leave the end of the queue will be even greater and with this will help you to conquer new customers and thus new sales.

    If your site is inappropriate and you are not following any of the above facts, it is important that you review the situation and prepare to invest in a new site through a web design agency in Dubai. It is indeed necessary and should be seen as an investment for new opportunities and new chances for your company to grow and reach new customers.