Would like to use time to meet the most beautiful words, never

  • I have always believed that the most beautiful thing in life comes from the deep penetration and the joy of the soul. I am not a believer that there is no more zen meditation, and I feel that on the way to seek for a thorough and a happy life, I will take a lot of detour because of the experience that has been done before. I like reading books when I was a student, now do after the teacher more feel the importance of reading, in the walk while enlightenment of life, stop reading make life much more scenery, also make life more beautiful beautiful colour.

    Like su dongpo, because everybody is familiar with the one word "rosary red wall huaigu". Every time to read the primeval state, elegant saturated with bold desolate, aka moment brought me to the ancient red cliff: listen to shreds, see the waves pile of snow, jiangshan picturesque, what a hero. The zhou lang of the feather fan, talking and laughing 800 thousand cao jun's ash fly to destroy the god to take. And I seem to cross the history of long river and dongpo to face the water to raise a cup to invite bright moon, drunk to see the dream life.

    Falling in love with su dongpo begins with a piece of prose of Lin qingxuan, "qinghuan", between the lines between the light and the cool, I encountered another dongpo. Although not facing the Yangtze river's great atmosphere, but this kind of fine rain moistening the sense of silence is more direct. On December 24, 2007, when liu qianshu, from sizhou, visited nanshan, he wrote:

    The wind of the drizzle is cold,

    Light smoke, the beach,

    There is a long way to go.

    The foam of the snow,

    Chinese vine and asparagus asparagus in spring,

    The taste of the world is sweet.

    Dongpo has been eating wild vegetables for the ordinary qinghuan, and the people have a taste of the taste, the bamboo sticks in the middle of the image of the life of a few fireworks. The love of calm and Spartan life makes dongpo feel the taste of life in the taste of wild vegetables. Lin qingxuan's love of calm and simple life forms a happy life.

    I didn't have any deeper sense of experience, but the simplicity of life was what I had always been longing for. In my case, a book of books, a cup of tea is satisfied, which is my joy. Do not need to rise to the heights of life, be able to be a quiet reader, enjoy the elegant reading life is satisfied. Aside from "all inferior is the study of" the lofty solitude, despite "has its own gold room in the book, the book has its own thousand clock millet" utility, reading in the elegant life taste all kinds of life, do a quiet readers in good time in static light such as chrysanthemum.

    Light of the morning light, the hand of the scroll of the scroll to the "the qin huai river in the shadow of the light". In the afternoon, I spent time in the quiet of "the kite runner" or "harry potter and the deathly hallows." The setting sun is just in a twinkling of an eye, read just read: "everyone must die, and return steps according to the historical records" of ZhuangHuai fierce, "life naturally sentient beings chi, it's not the wind and the month" of the hate, the "people turn to the love feeling thin, and now the whole not affectionate" helpless sorrow, even the life is just like sleeping before the wind, huan also sporadic, sad also scattered, all did lienchiang little ping "profound feeling they are embedded. The night is still with the ticking of the clock, or with the spirit of heaven and earth, searching for the pilgrimage road. Or rainy night with xuan and jiang jie, yu guangzhong "listen to that cold rain", the wind rain in the life of the experience of life...

    I have always been grateful that I chose the Chinese department of "leisure book" university. Missing the university time, the book is accompanied by the colorful life also has the simple and weak. In particular, the time spent preparing for the entrance exam and studying in the library for one year gave me a deeper love for books. After graduation in order to work after a few years, unconsciously the noise and bustle replaced the book of the hand, when the night is sleepless, the heart feels empty. It was a transfer to the beginning. I went back to the campus and became a regular middle school teacher, and I could hold my beloved book and spend my spare time in my spare time. In particular, after the "reader" aired, I was more determined. "How long has it been since you read? It's been a long time. Because a lot of people feel like reading aloud, it's a school thing, or it belongs to a small group of people. Actually reading should be an integral part of everyone's life, I would like to use life time to meet the most beautiful words, also want to use what influence the people around, make reading really can walk into everyone's life.

    In fact, I have been on the stage for a short time, and there is not a lot of profound experience in teaching and reading. This semester when recommend books to students suddenly seized with the idea: for a long time, we have been asked the students to read, constantly arrangement, recommended books and reading tasks when reading becomes a task to complete, and can have how much effect? For students, a lot of language is the most pale, with its's best efforts wasted effort, not physically, let the students influenced by osmosis, make reading habit of students to consciously.

    Life in walking and realization of a complete, I want to stick to the depths of the soul fully through reading and QingHuan, stick to the three feet platform, physically walking into the life of each of the students to read, to read the seeds in the students' hearts with time of the precipitation water, take root, bloom, the results.

    As the first edition of "the reader" says: "the hope is that from this day on, the reader and the people will be able to make us feel better about each other." And I would like to use time to meet the most beautiful words, never abandon, this life!