Why choose Dazen Residential Elevator Manufacturer Company

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    Why choose Suzhou Dazen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Residential Elevator Manufacturer?

    We have wide range of passenger elevators based on individual requirement and use. All our passenger lifts are not only equipped with latest technology but also comply with all the safety regulations. We make customized passenger elevators which suites specific needs.

    Passenger Elevators generally range from 4 passengers (272 Kg) to 20 passengers (1360 Kg) with the speed from 0.65mps to 1.5mps. We have various options for passenger elevators which are given below :

    Based on various studies and researches in elevator industry, DAZEN Elevators has come up with most appropriate Control Panels that serves various needs of our clients. These systems have been designed to minimize the elevator movements while optimally serving the passengers. This helps to reduce the electricity consumption besides saving the waiting time for passengers.


    We are very good at Small Shaft, which can make elevator according your building.

    Quality Assurance

    2 Year long Free Guarantee will be offered for elevator , and one year for Elevator parts.

    Strong Team

    We own stronger research and technical team from Otis, Kone and the best electric technical man.

    After-Sales Service

    We have been established relationship with local installation and after service, which no need to worry about installation and after service.


    All main parts with famous brand with EN81 certification, mean while testing by high level technical people.

    Low Cost Maintenance

    All our Elevator parts with famous brand you can buy easy from market with short time, in this way can saving the high Maintenance cost for your elevator and escalator compare to others. Contact us http://www.dazenelevator.com/