Blow Mould adeptness and antagonism of added intensified

  • One is the all-embracing basic of see the China market, China has the affluent activity resources, accustomed assets and abstruse resources, China has become the world's additional bigger car accumulation Cap Mould, become the apple accomplishment base.

    Two is a bunch aggregation in to China's accretion mold, abnormally ZhongDiDuan mold, the abundance is complete large, and drive of the die in China as export, aswell bargain all-embracing bazaar bulk mould. Mould industry the basic articles exporting bearings in our country exports from the mould can acutely see that our country has entered into the casting industry development stage, in-it in of the bulk of exports twice, in and about two times in,, the advance bulk of over 40%. In China's consign mould, artificial elastic casting is the better consign products, accounting for about 70% of complete export. Our country mould accomplishment action change by civic agency of statistics to acreage China over the calibration of the action statistics, 2000 in 2006 to in QiYeShu mould industry in China from 328 to 1314 abode home, accretion the scale, about four times as much. All-embracing development and at the aforementioned time, losses from 2000 in bulk 59 home broadcast to of the 190, KuiSunMian from 18.11% in 2001 (nearly seven years record) gradually bargain to 14.46% of 6 years, reflect the mould accomplishment industry acceptable Blow Mould adeptness and antagonism of added intensified. Consign bazaar administration in China is still in the Hong Kong consign bazaar holds in the bigger allotment of distribution, followed by Japan and the United States, the three sum is China's consign mould about bisected of total, but of our consign articles ZhongDiDuan articles for mould, in euramerican developed country in the high-end market, our articles are complete low share.