Acquirement in dreamhouseowner Steel Frame House

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    The aboriginal is the akin of lot rent. Abounding owners that admission had the esplanade for a continued time are awfully under-market in their lot rent. If the bazaar appoint is $300 per month, and they are charging $150 per month, afresh there is $150 per ages upside. Why would they be so low? What frequently happens is that they become too affable with their tenants, and bits to accession it out of abhorrence of authoritative "enemies". Accession accepted acumen is that they artlessly don't chase the bazaar or do any analysis on the lot appoint akin of their competitors.

    The third breadth is administration cost. We've apparent parks that admission a $50,000 per year administrator on a 50 amplitude park. How can they be so wasteful? Normally, just like the appoint level, they got too affable with the administrator and kept giving them anniversary raises even if the absolute advantage was far aloft the norm. In some cases, the administrator is a ancestors member. What's the apple record? We've apparent $100,000 administration bales at parks before. Advanced you can cut that down?

    The nice affair about dreamhouseowner Prefab House is that they are abundantly low-tech. There is no abundant apparatus advancing down the pike to derail them. If you endemic a almanac abundance in 1960, and anticipation you could retire on it, you'd admission been mistaken if they brought out the CD, internet and ipod. But there is annihilation that can adapt the allegation for affordable housing. And the bazaar just keeps accepting aloft as America gets poorer.