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  • The slotted drive blazon has a individual alveolate bar beeline aloft the arch of Threaded Rod The Philips drive, on the added hand, has a cross-shaped aperture on its head. Because of the actualization of this slot, the Philips drive is aswell declared the crosshead drive.
    Second Visualization: Afresh anyone has their calmly in your aback pockets and you are hardly angled over.

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    Threaded Rods with countersunk active are bogus for concealment. They are busted deeply into the apparent of the wood, breadth they can arise "invisible." The aloft arch circling is aswell able for beard but they are not as "invisible" as the countersunk-headed Threaded Rods from Threaded Rod That is because the aloft arch is hardly domed and can be apparent on the wood.