In the blow the Floor Jack 3T fails

  • Place the Car Transmission Jack below the car until the saddle is anon below the crossmember.The crossmember is the continued metal abutment axle that runs below from the foreground fender to the rear fender on both abandon of the car.The saddle is the annular metal allotment of the jack that moves advancement as you pump the jack up.

    Push bottomward on the jack's batten to lift the saddle advancement so that it contacts the crossmember. Continue blame bottomward on the batten to lift the car upward.

    Place the jack angle below the jack ascent point.

    The jack ascent point is a brownish appendage below anniversary of the car doors.

    Raise the jack angle until it contacts the jack ascent point.In the blow the Floor Jack 3T fails, the jack angle is brash to anticipate the car from falling.