yan lin 's Album: Newport 100s cigarettes wholesaler

The Newport Classic full flavor cigarettes were promoted for many years as a cigarette that allows you to "Enjoy a full flavor menthol, without drowning out pure tobacco taste." From the pack to the taste are all the same as the original in usa, we have the newest versiom of the stamps for the cigarettes, we make the cigarettes by original tobacco, orignal filter and the best cigarette paper internal, quality guaranteed, free shipping. Details: 1.Newport Cigarettes Box 100s(Menthol) 2.Each carton contains 10 packs of 20 cigarettes 3.Tar C10 mg;Nicotine C0.9 mg 4.Package: Original Box. 5.Shipping time: 7-8 workdays. By EMS and air mail, FREE SHIPPING WORLD. 6.Stamps: NJ, NY, INDIANA, ILLINOIS, CHICAGO, FL, VA, MICHIGAN, TX and so on